Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sales Reps in the Spotlight

o Guido Margida
o Jimmy Battaglia
o Steve Palazzo

It was over 23 years ago that Guido began his
career at Sirna & Sons Produce as one of our
sales representatives. Before beginning his
career at Sirna’s, Guido first began working
for a small produce company in Akron in
1978. As a young boy, he gained most of his
knowledge from harvesting his grandmother’s
garden each spring and fall. He explains that
the most important thing he learned from her
is that soil is only as good as what you put
back into it. Guido has worked his way up
from a driver, warehouseman, warehouse
night supervisor, to sales representative in his
25 years working in the produce industry.
“From all types of restaurants, hotels, and
universities, it has been a pleasure to have
been working over 23 years with the Sirna
Company,” Guido states. Guido and his wife
have six children and seven grand children,
with one more on the way. He also enjoys
football and motorcycling.

Steve Palazzo began his career at Sirna &
Sons as a sales representative over 23 years
ago. He services businesses throughout
Cuyahoga, Geauga, Ashtabula, and Portage
Counties. Steve is involved in several
groups outside of work which include: The
American Culinary Federation Cleveland
Chapter, Cuyahoga County Farm School
Advisory Committee, and is also a “Paws on
Hunger” supporter, a backpack program for
needy children to have kid-friendly
nutritious food for the weekend. He and his
wife have two children, and they are
expecting their first grandchild this summer.

The Sirna Team welcomed another one of our
sales representatives, Jimmy Battaglia, on
board in 2001 and has been with the company
for the last 13 years. Jimmy attended Ohio
State University where he obtained his
Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, with a
minor in Marketing. Prior to starting his
career at Sirna’s, he first began working in the restaurant 
management business. He also had the opportunity to work in
 Las Vegas for five years at the produce company Fresh Point. 
It was these two occupations that he gained a great deal of knowledge 
about produce and communicating with customers. “I love
working with people,” Jimmy states. “I love
the fact that every day is a different day.” He
and his wife have been married for 14 years
and together have three children. A couple of
his interests include golf and fishing.